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Quality, simple and ECO-EFFICIENT solutions for all your building projects. - Novofab Structure inc. - Prefabricated roof trusses, open-web floor trusses, walls and floors

Wood or Steel prefabricated Roof trusses, Floor trusses, Walls and Floors.

ComSlab Composite Floor System

For all your concrete floors, the ComSlab® Composite Floor System is a proven, reliable and economical solution:

• Resists 2 hours to fire

• Spans up to 36 feet

• Adapts easily to all wall systems

• Quick installation

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Standard Prefabricated walls

Our prefabricated walls are made according to your specifications and comply with construction industry-recognized standards. Easy to put up, their use represents significant savings in terms of installation time and labour costs. Either insulated or uninsulated, our walls can reach up to 40 feet in length.

Open-Web floor trusses

Thanks to advanced technology, dried wood trusses with steel plates are extremely strong, flexible and reliable. Easy to install, they are custom-made or adjustable. Low walls and stirrups are included. Open-web makes it easy to install plumbing and electrical wiring.

Roof trusses

Novofab Structure inc. also offers a complete range of roof trusses, regardless of the complexity of your project. Custom-made according to your specifications, they can be adapted to any residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural project and can reach up to 100 feet in length.

Prefabricated floors

Our prefabricated floors are made according to your specifications, with wood open-web floor trusses, and comply with construction industry-recognized standards.


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A win-win situation!

Whether your project is simple or complex, our products offer many advantages and practical benefits:

  • Custom-made and not affected by bad weather; the materials keep their shape for impeccable installation.
  • Elimination of the problems of theft and waste of materials on the building site.
  • Delivery by trailer within agreed upon time limits.
  • Assembly or installation drawing included with all of our products.
  • Quick installation to easily meet deadlines.
  • Ultra-rapid installation, reduction of labour costs and better project cost control.